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Heavy duty Flick 'n Click seed feeder

Heavy duty Flick 'n Click seed feeder  British Bird Food - UK wild bird food suppliers, bird seed and garden wildlife
Brand: Tom Chambers
Product Code: CS059 / CS060 /CS065 / CSO66
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The Heavy Duty Seed Feeder from Tom Chambers features a flick top lid to enable easy filling. Made from strong metal it holds all types of seed blends. The lid closes firmly with a magnetic clasp. Chose either two or four feeding ports.​The base is removable, which makes cleaning easy, meaning that with due attention, the feeder will last and last. 
Dimensions standard size:-  2 port 230mm Height from Base to Lid Product code CS059
                                              4 port 320mm Height from Base to Lid Product code CS060

The Heavy duty GIANT Flick 'n Click seed feeder is the same feeder but wider and taller.  Due to its wide size, there is substantial space between the ports, preventing any seed from getting stuck around the perches and maximizing the freshness of your feed.  
Dimensions: 4 Port: Height from Base to Lid 38cm (15”) Diameter: 12cm (4.7”) Product code CS065
                      6 Port: Height from Base to Lid 46cm (18”) Diameter: 12cm (4.7”)  Product code CS066

Key attributes:-
  • Standard size feeder two port or four port options available.
  • Giant size available in 4 and 6 ports
  • Flick top lid for easy access.
  • Base removes for easy cleaning.
  • Holds all types of seed blends.
  • Made from strong metal.
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