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Sunflower Hearts - High Energy for all garden birds. From £1.46kg Plus free zone 1 delivery - wha..

The window alert sticker reduces the risk of birds flying into your glass doors and windows. In a..

Give your birds the best chance over the winter months with this super high energy mix. Exclusive..

Peanuts for birds - staple diet for wild birds.   FREE zone 1 delivery, what you see is w..

High energy wild bird food.  Plus free zone 1 delivery, what you see is what you pay! &nb..

FREE delivery on all feeders. (Except B72EL) (Zone 1 only)   Extra Large Seed Feeders ..

UpClose Window Feeder NEW
See your birds close up to your window. UpClose window feeder gives you a fascinating insight into ..

I love Robins Window Feeder NEW
The I love Robins window feeder. Made by Jacobi Jayne, this Robin and small bird feeder is perfect ..

Nut and Seed Station NEW
Tom Chambers Nut and Seed bird station. A complete bird feeding station including a three part he..

Gardman Heavy Duty Squirrel Proof Fat Ball feeder NEW
Gardman Heavy Duty Squirrel Proof Suet Ball Feeder. With a strong metal cage designed to exclude Sq..

Select Bird Station NEW
Tom Chambers select bird feeding station. The select bird feed station is all you need to get you h..

FREE zone 1 delivery on all items - what you see is what you pay!    Hedgehog premiu..

This is one of the original design hedgehog houses and provides a safe habitat for the hedgehogs in ..

The Gold Gift Pack is filled with top of the range bird feeding products. It has everything required..

The Platinum Gift Pack is crammed with top of the range bird feeders. It has everything require..

British Bird Food - UK wild bird food suppliers, bird seed and garden wildlife

Welcome to British Bird Food

Family run suppliers of Wild Bird Food, Garden Feeder and Wildlife Habitats

British Bird Food are top quality bird seed suppliers, also seed feeders, wildlife habitats, nest boxes, pet food, cameras and accessories. We pride ourselves on fast, friendly service with a personal touch. A small company with a big heart, we are passionate about providing the best quality products and service for our customers. We have our own exclusive range of seeds, as well as returnable packaging. Caring about you, your garden friends and the environment.

Environmentally friendly returnable packaging, or reusable at home.

  • Free Delivery on all zone 1 orders, including some regions of Scotland.
  • Money back Guarantee
  • Exclusive Mixes
  • Bulk Buy Savings
  • Secure Online Payment

Reduce Bird Strikes on your windows with window alert decal

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