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Gifts - and inspiration!
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British Bird Food gift voucher. If you know someone that loves nature but are not sure what they ..
The window alert sticker reduces the risk of birds flying into your glass doors and windows. In a..
This unique and attractive house is made from Oak (FSC sourced) and is very functional as a feeder w..
Badgers at 4 o'clock!!! A delightful hand painted thermometer and clock, showing two Badgers on a..
BirdCam is the latest technology to help you see what is happening in and around your garden. BirdCa..
The Bronze Gift Pack is designed for the budding bird feeders. It has everything you need to get sta..
catfree has been designed and built by the same team at Concept research as the CATwatch deterrent. ..
Save £10 off RRP for this British built cat deterrent.  The ultimate cat deterrent, when you..
 Wild bird feeding station. An ideal entry level feeding station, consisting of a central po..
This cleaning brush is ideal for feeders. It has soft, natural, bristles, which allow it to clean wi..
 The complete wild bird feeding station. Everything required to start feeding your garden's ..
Echoes bird bath is a large and beautifully coloured and glazed, hand made bird bath, with a ripple ..
Contemporary nest box   The Elegance nest box from Wildlife World is, as the name suggest..
Save £10 off the RRP for the only British built fox deterrent   FOXwatch is the ultimate ..
The Gold Gift Pack is filled with top of the range bird feeding products. It has everything required..
 Illuminated Mini Beast Centre. The Illuminated Mini Beast Centre from Wildlife World is an ..
Gifts, and, inspiration!