KEEP IT FRESH with our resealable bags and return the bags to us to re-use or re-use them yourself! Click HERE for more info

Re-useable / Returnable Packaging - for wild bird feeding

All of our bird food is mixed and packed to order, ensuring you get the freshest and longest lasting bird food.

Because we are a small company, we can mix and pack all of our mixes on the day of despatch, we hand mix and pack, so your bird food is as fresh and of the highest quality possible, giving your garden visitors the best chance to thrive.

When feeding wild birds we believe that it is better for the environment, to supply our bird food in re-usable packaging (orders above 5Kg). The bags are 5Kg, making it easy to handle and store, they are also "easy pour" making it easy for you to fill your feeders without the use of a funnel. Our packaging will keep your bird food fresh, and the bag can be used again for different purposes. For example, if you order 20Kg, you will receive it in 4 x 5Kg re-usable bags in a cardboard box, this allows you to open the box on the doorstep and carry the seed in one at a time.

To save packaging – We use re-sealable (good strong seals) plastic bags for all our wild bird food and seed mixes. With your help these are really efficient, you can re-use them around the home and garage for lots of things. Or you can send them back to us FREEPOST, and we will re-use them for you. Just place all your plastic bags in the plastic envelope (we re-use those too!), seal it and send it back in the post to us. The cardboard box or paper sack can be re-used by you or  placed in your re-cycle bins. Our box tape is paper and can be included in with the cardboard for recycling.
We use cardboard boxes for most orders, this protects the products and can be used again by you. The tape we use is paper based and so can be recycled along with the box. Even the bulk sack option now comes inside a box.

The convenience of the returnable / re-useable 5Kg polythene packaging is a unique environmental advantage to our exclusive returnable packaging scheme and we hope all our customers enjoy having the choice of packaging formats, bulk for economy / returnable for environmental care.

We re-use over 95% of the packaging that is sent into us with our raw materials, so don't be surprised if your bird seed turns up in a suet pellet outer box!, Bulk plastic bags are re-used for our seed mixes, so we hand write the contents on the bag, we have never had any complaints, but if you don't like the idea of used packaging in your order, just let us know and we will oblige. We use ripped bags for void filling and lots of other things, we know it's a bit quirky - but we like it!

We are gradually changing to paper bags where possible and compostable bags are coming soon!


Environmental Awareness

We care about the environment and the life in it. So we aim to minimise our environmental impact as much as possible. We operate on a small scale, and so do not use huge mixing and weighing machinery. We mix and pack your bird food by hand, and so use very little electricity. The electricity we do use is generated on site by solar photovoltaic panels, this reduces our carbon footprint by 3 tonnes per year. To save electricity we say turn it off, or don’t use a machine in the first place – 100% effective!

Where we have to use electricity, for lighting, we use energy efficient bulbs.

Most of our house heat comes from a wood burner, we cut the logs ourselves, mainly from fallen or dead trees. We also use a paper briquette maker, this allows us to compact newspaper into small blocks that we can burn as well as the wood in our wood burner. If you would like any information on the briquette maker please do contact us. A super addition to our wood burning stove is an 'Eco fan' this does not use batteries or electricity, just the heat vortices from the stove to power the fan blade, it circulates the heat evenly around the room and pushes it through the door into the rest of the house, we have saved about 14% fuel since we had the fan and did not turn on our central heating for a further 6 weeks than normal years. If you would like to know more just contact us.