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Product Categories: Trays, Poles, Hooks, Hygiene and Deterrents

Trays, Poles, Hooks, Hygiene and Deterrents
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Big Easy feeder tray from Jacobi Jayne.This generously sized feeder tray fits your big easy feed..
Gardman bird feeder hygiene spray. 500mlReady to use disinfectant for your bird feeding equipmen..
Peckish bird seed storage tin keeps your Peckish bird food fresh the tough and durable metal design ..
Bird station stabiliser from Tom ChambersThis bird feeding station stabiliser has two stabilisin..
Gardman complete feeding station kit.Everything you need to get started or to add another feedin..
Deluxe bird feeding station from Tom Chambers.Hand made in heavy weight materials and featuring ..
Elegance bird feeding station by Tom Chambers.This is the top of the range for Tom Chambers hand..
Feeding Station Stabilisers from Gardman. Specifically designed to support feeding station poles, t..
Green Dipper Bird Bath from Wildlife World.This beautiful bird bath is made from terracotta clay..
Tom Chambers Nut and Seed bird station.A complete bird feeding station including a three part he..
Ring pull small tray.The smallest of the three Ring Pull feeder trays, this one is 215mm in diam..
Royale Bird Feeding Station, by Tom Chambers.Hand made from heavy duty materials, this feed..
Wild bird scraper tool from Wildlife World NEW
Scraper tool from Wildlife WorldIt is surprising there are not more of these types of tools on t..
Seed catcher tray from Tom Chambers.This sturdy perspex tray catches the loose seed to prevent s..
Tom Chambers select bird feeding station. The select bird feed station is all you need to get you h..
Wild bird food Shenstone Theatre bird bath and drinker NEW
Wildlife World Shenstone Theatre bird bath and drinker.The Shenstone Theatre Bird bath and drink..
Trays, Poles, Hooks, Hygiene, and, Deterrents