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Blue Tit


Almost any garden with a peanut feeder will attract Blue Tits and they readily breed in nest boxes.

The nesting material is usually moss, wool, hair and feathers. Blue Tit and Great Tits form mixed winter flocks, and a garden with four or five at a bird table at any one time, may be feeding 20 or more in the flock.

The colourful mix of blue, yellow, white and green make the blue tit one of the more attractive garden birds, they are very common, most gardens with bird feeders will soon find Blue Tits. They eat mixed bird seed and peanuts from hanging feeders, as well as suet pellets and suet balls.

A Blue Tit will often climb a trunk in short, jerky, hops, rather like a Woodpecker.  Blue tits are very agile and can hang from almost anywhere, generally they roost in ivy or evergreens, but in hard weather will shelter in a hole. The Blue Tit is the gardeners’ friend, eating pests and Aphids as well as bird seeds and peanuts.

An interesting example how cleaver these birds are, was when they used to teach each other how to open milk bottles with foil tops to get at the cream underneath.  As a child, my job was to collect the bottles from the door step, before the Blue Tits got to them. You don’t see this so much nowadays, because we buy milk in cartons, from supermarkets. Our Robin and Tit food is an ideal supliment to their diet, and can be fed from a tube feeder or a Robin feeder.


First clutches laid
Late April

Maximum Recorded Age
9 years, 9 months

Typical Lifespan
3 years

18-21 days

13-15 days

Clutch Size
8 eggs

Egg Weight
1.1 g

Age at First Breeding
1 year

Number of broods

Egg Size
16x12 mm

Number in Britain
7 million

Conservation Status UK

Status in UK
Resident Breeder, Winter Visitor

12 cm

18 cm


Woodland, scrub, towns

First Record
8th Century

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