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Mesh Feeder

Tom Chambers

Tom Chambers
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Tom Chambers Deluxe bird station NEW
Deluxe bird feeding station from Tom Chambers. Hand made in heavy weight materials and featuring ..

Tom Chambers Elegance bird feeding station. NEW
Elegance bird feeding station by Tom Chambers. This is the top of the range for Tom Chambers hand..

Heavy duty Flick 'n Click Fat Ball Feeder from Tom Chambers. Provide hungry birds with a rich sou..

Provide goldfinches and other garden birds with a steady supply of nutritious nigNigerer seeds t..

Heavy Duty Flick 'n Click peanut feeder. The Flick 'n Click lid on this mesh peanut feeder for yo..

The Heavy Duty Seed Feeder from Tom Chambers features a flick top lid to enable easy filling. Made f..

Tom Chambers heavy duty flick 'n click suet pellet feeder.  This feeder is designed to feed su..

Tom Chambers Royale bird station NEW
Royale Bird Feeding Station, by Tom Chambers. Hand made from heavy duty materials, this feed..

Dormouse (Muscadinus avellanarius) With their lovely ginger-brown fur, long fur covered tails and..

 The heavy duty roll top feeders by Tom Chambers are designed to withstand our winter weather. ..