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Tom Chambers flick and click niger feeder

Tom Chambers flick and click niger feeder
Niger Feeder
Brand: Tom Chambers
Product Code: CSO78
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Tom Chambers Prestige flick and click niger seed feeder.

The Prestige range of feeders from Tom Chambers are made to last longer than the heavy duty ones, they are made from stainless steel so they won't rust and the top has the same magnetic clip that secures the lid against wind and rain.

Four ports means you can have more finches visiting your feeder at the same time.

The feed holes in this feeder are small enough so as not to let the niger seed escape, but large enough for the birds to get their beak in and grab some seed.

Air holes in the base ensure good air circulation to help prevent the seed from going mouldy and to help it keep fresh longer.
Niger Feeder
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