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Roosting nest pocket

Roosting nest pocket
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 Roosting nest pockets are used to allow for a low cost option for your over-wintering garden birds to find shelter. They are not designed to replace the traditional nest box. They are intended to be located in hedgerows or shrubs to provide birds like Wren, Robin finches and the tit family a nesting hollow or overnight roosting place.

The roosting nest pocket can also be located in reed beds for warblers and the bearded tit.

Inbuilt into the roosting nest pocket is a wire hanger on the back of the pocket to allow it to be hooked over a branch, there is also a string loop on the top to allow it to be suspended from a hook.

Depending on location you may find other visitors enjoying your roosting nest pocket, such as wood mice or harvest mice and if you want to, you may place a small amount of wild bird food in the pocket to encourage nesting / roosting.


Please note, the picture shows three types, we stock is the two natural grass type (not the dark brown).

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