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  • Blackbird and Thrush Food

Blackbird and Thrush food.

Plus free zone 1 delivery, what you see is what you pay!


Soft bill birds, mainly live off berries, insects, and worms, and this mix contains highly nutritious suet, fruit, and berries, peanut granules and energy rich sunflower hearts, it really is a gourmet dish. When their natural food becomes scarce, this mixture contains a large part of the wild birds' balanced natural diet and should be fed from a ground tray, or table. This mix is not suitable for a tube feeder.
Only feed enough for one day at a time, the birds will not appreciate food at night time, but the rodent population will!

There are only natural seeds without husks in this mix, so it won't grow or germinate in your garden - no chemicals involved!

All our mixes come to you in re-usable grip seal bags, which make it easier for you to handle and store. Send the bags back via our free post address, and we will re-use them for you. If we re-use 10,000 bags in a year, it will save as much energy as turning off 1,000 bulbs for one hour.



Dried fruits - Pet advice:

Take extra care not to allow dogs or cats to eat any products containing raisins
or sultanas as, even in small amounts, these dried fruits can cause serious renal
problems.  When feeding to other wildlife we recommend mixing rains and sultanas
with seed mixes as a safety precaution.


Free samples are restricted to one per order. If you would like a free sample of this mix, please ask in the comments column on the order form.

No Grow
Ground Tray Yes
Reusable / Returnable Yes

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Blackbird and Thrush Food

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