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Robin feeder

Robin feeder Special Bird Feeders British Bird Food - UK wild bird food suppliers, bird seed and garden wildlife
Brand: Jacobi Jayne & Company
Product Code: ILR-X2
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Designed to attract Robins in to your garden. This feeder is ideal for mealworms, fruit and table scraps, as well as seeds. The practical clear dome, will keep the food dry, and is adjustable to allow for different size birds. A brass rod lends durability to the construction of this lovely feeder. With a large hook to hang from any stable mounting. Youn can lower the dome and this will keep out larger birds. The Jacobi-Jayne Robin feeder comes with the lifetime guarantee - as long as you own the feeder, if any parts are defective or damaged (even by Squirrels!) then the affected parts will be replaced free of charge.

Key attributes:-

  • Adjustable height dome
  • Keeps food dry.
  • Lower dome to restrict size of birds entry.
  • Brass hanging rod. 
  • Fantastic, close up view of birds.
  • Clear dome.
  • Easy maintenance and hygiene.
  • Lifetime guarantee
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