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Jacobi Jayne & Company

Jacobi Jayne & Company
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The I love Robins window feeder. Made by Jacobi Jayne, this Robin and small bird feeder is perfect ..

My Favourites Feeder from Jacobi Jayne. This feeder deters Starlings and prevents Pigeons and large..

See your birds close up to your window. UpClose window feeder gives you a fascinating insight into ..

Please note, as at 17th June we only have one small and no large Guardians in stock. Back order avia..

This cleaning brush is ideal for feeders. It has soft, natural, bristles, which allow it to clean wi..

Hygiene is an important factor in feeding birds, Feeder Fresh ensures cleaner feeders, non-toxic gra..

The three section garden pole extends to over 1700mm long. Available in Green and Black, it has a sp..

All our prices include delivery. Goldfinch finder - the Goldfinch detective! This neat and e..

The tough tapered end to this socket ensures easy driving into the soil. The ground socket will prov..

Ground feeding birds are just as important in nature as the more “cute’ small clinging birds, and tr..

Bring the birds in to your living room! with this clear long lasting polycarbonate window hook...

Feeding wild birds on your window! Price includes delivery to zone 1 post codes. This neat f..

 Our prices include delivery to your door.* Onyx - The worlds first ultra-premium bird feede..
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 All of our prices include delivery to your door. * Onyx - The worlds first ultra-premium bi..

All of our prices include delivery to your door. (Zone 1 only)   Ring pull feeders are..

FREE delivery included with all our prices. (Zone 1 only) Wild bird feeders that are easy to c..