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Solar Power Panel

Solar Power Panel
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 Solar Power Panel - For CCTV Cameras

The Solar Power Panel is a renewable power source for BirdCam motion camera, BirdCam Pro and TimeLapseCam timelapse video camera.

This neat solar panel can dramatically increase the life of your batteries by harnessing the sun's rays and discharging the power into the camera.

Easy to install the Solar Power Panel comes with an adjustable mounting bracket and easy to use connector to the camera.

You will be up and running in no time and enjoying free energy courtesy of the sun.

The power panel comes with an internal Charge Meter providing real-time and historical performance information so you can optimise the position of the panel.

Unlike a traditional solar panel, the Power Panel can internally retain a solar charge so that it can continue to provide power through the night or on cloudy days.  Ideal for the British climate!



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