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Squirrel proof seed tray

Squirrel proof seed tray Squirrel Proof Feeders British Bird Food - UK wild bird food suppliers, bird seed and garden wildlife
Squirrel Proof
Brand: Droll Yankees
Product Code: GS
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 The Giant sized seed tray from Droll Yankees is an ideal addition to your pole mounted wild bird feeding station.


At 18.5 inches (475mm) in diameter it will hold 1lb of seed plus all the spillage from your feeders above, in addition it is large enough diameter to prevent the pesky squirrels climbing up the pole. The Squirrel proof tray has drainage holes in the base to allow rain water to drain and prolong the life of your wild bird food. Only put enough seed out for one day to avoid wastage.


The seed tray is made from tough polycarbonate, which will not crack or discolour in the sun. Easy to fix to the pole with no use of tools it is fitted in seconds and you will see all sorts of birds make use of it.

Delivery to zone 1 post codes is included.

Squirrel Proof Yes
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