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Ice Free

Ice Free
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 Ice free does exactly what it says on the can!


Ice free will keep the wild birds happy in your bird bath or drinker for temperatures down to -4 degrees.

Ice free is made from completely natural ingredients, which prevent the water in bird baths from freezing over, allowing the wild birds to drink and bathe throughout the Winter.

Ice free can be used in all types of bath or water feature.

For a typical bird bath containing around 1.5Litres of water add around 50ml of Ice free. Replenish as the water is used up and increase dosage in severe conditions.

Please note, as this product is sent through the post, it is free shipping to anywhere in the UK, including zones 2 and 3.

Key attributes:-

  • Will prevent freezing down to -4C
  • Made from 100% natural ingredients.
  • Will not harm birds or animals that drink or bathe in Ice free.
  • Cannot be overdosed.
  • Each container holds 250ml.
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