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Help and Advice - Keep cats away without harming them

Most of us garden bird watchers are also animal lovers, but in the case of cats some of our fury friends do not always get on well with our feathered friends.

There are several ways you can help to protect your wild birds from cats. If you own the cat, buy a bell or two for it's collar. This will warn the birds when the cat is around and you will also know where he is. If you use a feeding station rather than bird table, try to keep the feeders far enough above the ground so they are out of reach for the cat to jump to. Use a pole mounted feeding tray for the ground feeding birds.
If the cat is an unwelcome visitor to your garden, then you need a CATwatch ultrasonic deterrent. CATwatch is sensitive to movement and as soon as the cat comes within range it emits a high frequency sound. This sound is only audible to cats and does not harm them; it will not effect other animals. The range of the sensor is up to 60 feet, so it will protect a large area of garden. The CATwatch system is British made and endorsed by the RSPB, a percentage of the sale price is donated to the RSPB.

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