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Help and Advice - Bug Box Positioning

The positioning of insect colonies and boxes is virtually the most important thing you can do to ensure occupation of your bug box.

It is easy to locate a bug box in the wrong position, in fact that is the most frequent case for poor occupancy of bug boxes. During the day most winged insects are out and about in the sunshine finding food and eating plants, laying eggs and so on. But when they have finished they look for a dark, quiet place, away from predators.

The best way to find the ideal spot for your bug box is to go out into your garden and look in the shadows, find the coolest, darkest place that has lots of cover, that will be a good place to start. Take a look around the area, are there any predators, birds, snakes, rats etc? if no signs of these things then look for a place to fix the box to. A tree trunk, or fence post is most likely, find somewhere that catches the sun in the morning and in the dappled shade all day and face the box that way. Check that the rain can't get to the bug box in a direct line, a drip is fine, but too much rain and the occupants may drown. Fix the bug box firmly to the tree trunk or post.

Leave the box for a week or so then go and have a look inside and find out what creatures are around in your garden. If you are disappointed, then the location is not right, take another look around and find another dappled shady spot and re-locate your bug box. Leave for another week and try again, eventually you will find some interesting bugs to inspect and identify.