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The Siskin is becoming a more common visitor to our British gardens, but its natural territory is where it can find seeds from Spruce, Birch and Alder trees.

Sometimes the Siskin will form great flocks, outside the breeding season, often mixed with Redpoll

Coniferous woodland, especially Spruce, is favoured for breeding. It builds its nest in a tree, laying 2-6 eggs. The British range of this once local breeder has expanded greatly due to commercial conifer plantations. The Siskin is the smallest finch in Northern Europe. It has a light flight with long, deep undulations.

The food is mainly seeds, as above, and, in the breeding season, insects.

This small siskin is an acrobatic feeder, often hanging upside-down like a tit. It will visit garden bird feeding stations.


Quick Facts


Number in Britain Conservation Status UK Status in UK Length Wingspan Weight  Habitat First Record
750,000 Green

Resident Breeder, Passage/Winter Visitor 

12 cm 22cm



gardens/ Villages

8th Century 



 Egg Size Egg Weight Clutch Size Incubation Fledging

Number of


First clutches laid Age at First Breeding Typical Lifespan Maximum Recorded Age



1.3 g 

4-5    eggs  12-13  days  13-15   days   2 Late March 1 year 3 years  9y2m

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