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Crested Tit


Although not as colourful as some other tits, its 'bridled' face pattern and the upstanding black and white crest make this a most distinctive bird.

Crested tits feed actively, like most tits, searching for a wide range of invertebrates and pine seeds, their diet mostly consists of insects and spiders in winter, also plant material and conifer seeds. They will take food and store it for eating later. In winter they often flock together with other Tits flying through woodlands and gardens in search of food.

Confined  to Caledonian pine forests and Scottish pine plantations. It spends its time foraging on the trunk and large branches of pine trees. Crested Tits will visit garden bird tables and feeders, but It is chiefly restricted to the ancient pinewoods of Scotland, and seldom strays far from its haunts. Few have been seen in England.



Typical Lifespan
2 years

Maximum Recorded Age
7 years 11 months

13-16 days

Clutch Size
5-6 eggs

Egg Weight

Egg Size

Coniferous or mixed woodland

First Record
17th Century

Age at First Breeding
1 year


Conservation Status (UK)


Status (UK)
Resident, Breeder

Number in Britain

20-25 days

Number of Broods
1 or 2

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