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Wildlife World

Wildlife World
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All metal seed feeder NEW
All metal seed feeder - No plastic! The Wildlife World plastic-free "supersize" and "giant" bird ..

Wildlife World Dewdrop Bird Nestbox. This rather fine nestbox is made by Wildlife World from FSC ..

The Ecobeacon bird feeder from Wildlife world. Possibly the first bird feeder to be made of 100% re..

Green Dipper Bird Bath from Wildlife World. This beautiful bird bath is made from terracotta clay..

Wildlife World - Interactive Solitary Bee Hive. Made from solid hard wood (FSC approved) this bee h..

Bumble Bee Nesting boxes Are very important to have around these days, as the bumble bee populati..

The 'Catcha bug' is a handy and useful tool to assist in the study of insects - or, to safely remove..

The Clover leaf shaped ground feeder is from Wildlife World, it is an attractive and unique design t..

This is one of the original design hedgehog houses and provides a safe habitat for the hedgehogs in ..

A convenient, hygienic and easy to clean food bowl for Headgehogs and other small mammals. Finished ..

 The Igloo Hedgehog house offers a safe haven for your garden guests. Ideally camouflaged, the ..

 Illuminated Mini Beast Centre. The Illuminated Mini Beast Centre from Wildlife World is an ..

Beneficial insects help to protect plants from Aphids.   The Ladybird Tower is a natural ..

One of a collection of unique, real, functioning wildlife habitats specifically designed for childre..