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Squirrel Food

Squirrel Food Special foods British Bird Food - UK wild bird food suppliers, bird seed and garden wildlife
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At first glance it may appear strange to find Squirrel Food on the British Bird Food website, besides caring for wild birds in our gardens we like to look after all the wild creatures and the Squirrel is welcome as long as he doesn't destroy the rest of the habitats. We have found the best way to encourage the Squirrels to leave the rest of the food and feeders alone without wrecking them is to give them their own food in their own part of the garden.

We use a Squirrel Feeder and our own special mix of food for the Squirrels that visit our garden. Packed with nuts and fruit and a little added suet, it contains all the nourishment the Squirrels need throughout the year, they will use a feeder as a supplementary source of food and it should keep them away from your wild bird feeding station.

Free delivery to zone 1 post codes.

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