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Ladybird Tower

Ladybird Tower Insects British Bird Food - UK wild bird food suppliers, bird seed and garden wildlife
Brand: Wildlife World
Product Code: LBT
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Beneficial insects help to protect plants from Aphids.


The Ladybird Tower is a natural habitat for ladybirds and other beneficial insects that will help keep Aphids and other pests away from your plants. Made from solid FSC Birch or Larch logs for durability and with a hollow central chamber filled with natural material to provide insulation and security for beneficial insects.

Making nature interesting for children and adults alike, the Ladybird tower provides a natural habitat for many beneficial insects, it comes with a ground pole which makes it easy to site on a lawn edge or in amongst the plants and flower beds.

The outer holes all slope upwards to give the insects direct aces to the central chamber and this also prevents water ingress to the hibernating insects during the winter months.

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