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Hand made hex bee and insect haven

NEW Hand made hex bee and insect haven
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Hand made hex bee and insect haven from BBF.

This hexagonal bee and insect haven is entirely made by hand from re-used / re-claimed or recycled materials. It is made by a local craftsman here in our Shropshire village. If we don't have stock it may take a few days to make your order, but we will let you know at the time of your order if there will be any delay.

We are building up a portfolio of these hand made items, yet every one will be unique and different from the next one. This is because we use 90% re-used or re-cycled timber and every joint is cut by hand, making each one fit the next joint exactly, giving exceptional strength. All of the joints are held together by glue and the carpenters skill - not a nail or screw in sight!

Because our timber is re-claimed (from construction sites mainly) every plank is unique, we take the timber, clean it and saw it to the required length and thickness, this does mean there may be an odd mark where a nail used to be, or a scuff mark, but we don't try to hide this sort of thing. It is what makes character and we would hate to waste good wood for the sake of appearances, likewise it is hard work to transform the wood into the finished product, but we think it is worth it to avoid using new wood and all of the environmental issues that accompany it.

The hexagonal bee and insect haven is made into several sections. At the top and bottom are two softwood blocks with holes, the insects will use these to nest in as well as gain access to other sections through the secret tunnel behind. In the top half is the woodland forage. Containing Acrons, Beech seeds and pods, Larch cones and Pine cones, something for the insects to climb around and find a bed in.
Next we have the Bamboo tubes, each one is different to the next and solitary bees like the Mason bee or Minor bee and insects such as Lacewings, Ladybirds and will lay their eggs in the hollow bamboo and seal them ready for the larvae to pupate and emerge in the sunshine the next year.
In the next section the is what we like to call the carpenters collection! made up of soft wood and hard wood in small pieces and shavings, the front is a Perspex viewing panel with holes in it for the bees and insects to gain access to the contents, which they will use for nesting as well as feeding.
The center section is a hexagonal panel that lifts out and there are six clear Perspex tubes fixed to the lid, take it out and you can see the inside workings on any occupants, so in the case of solitary bees you will be able to see each section of the tube as it is filled, the egg laid and sealed, when eventually the tubes have all been filled and used, you can clean them out and start again. 

There is a great deal of attention to detail in the Bee and Insect haven, the roof will not allow rain to ingress the nesting ares, it has a recycled damp course underneath the faux slate roof tiles and then there are the water tight joints, the whole construction is designed to lean forwards when hung on the wall, this allows the driving rain to drip out, rather than into the various habitats.

The hexaganal bee and insect haven weighs about 5Kg, 
Height is 370mm
Width is 430mm.
Depth is 110mm.
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