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Ernest Charles Bee and Bug House

Ernest Charles Bee and Bug House
Brand: Gardman
Product Code: AE60011
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Ernest Charles Bee and Bug House.

This Bee and Bug house is well made from FSC timber and an imitation slate roof. It has two feet to allow it stable seating on any flat surface.

The Bee and Bug House has lots of hollow tubes for solitary bees to occupy with thier eggs and lava as well as larger holes and three Pine cones for the Ladybirds, Lacewings, Earwigs to shelter.
Best location for bug boxes is in dappled shade, a spot where the sun gets to early in the morning but then is shady for the rest of the day. This allows the warmth to heat up the sheltered box and wakes up the insects to a good start to the day. Then they need cool conditions in the heat of summer, so a nice bit of shade in the afternoon is appreciated.

Key attributes :-
Well made, sturdy construction.
FSC timber.
Natural materials for shelter.
200mm long x 110mm wide x 290mm high.
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