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Butterfly / Moth habitat and feeder

Butterfly / Moth habitat and feeder Insects British Bird Food - UK wild bird food suppliers, bird seed and garden wildlife
Brand: Wildlife World
Product Code: BTF4
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Constructed from solid FSC certified timber, the Butterfly / Moth feeder and habitat features a special removable feed tray together with a safe over-wintering chamber. 

The feed tray is designed to emulate garden nectar sources and also utilises a special ultra violet paint, which is only visable (and attractive) to butterflies. The small nectar feeding pots can be filled with butterfly food mix or a sugar / water solution. A central, larger feeding pot to offer fruit and other attractants, eg. Lavender.

Although the main chamber can be used for roosting and hibernating, the opening side door allows the insertion of flower attractants such as Buddleia. The following species of butterfly may also use the house for hibernating - Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock (often found in sheds and outbuildings) and the Comma butterfly. Additionally if nectar is available, the feeder tray may help Bumble Bees survive in early Spring. Less commonly the Silver Winged Fritillary may use the box to lay eggs (preferably sited in mature trees). The chrysalis could be formed on the roof or internal branches.

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