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Butterfly Haven

Butterfly Haven Insects British Bird Food - UK wild bird food suppliers, bird seed and garden wildlife
Brand: Gardman
Product Code: A08024
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Wild Bird Food - Garden Accessories

Feeding wild birds that come to your garden is extremely rewarding. Having the correct bird feeder and wild bird food will increase the numbers and variety of birds that visit your garden regularly - but what about the other wildlife?

A Haven for Butterflies in your Garden

The number of butterflies in our gardens is in decline, the butterfly plays an essential role in pollinating our plants, this box provides shelter and protection for them during cold weather and somewhere to hibernate for the winter.

This Gardman Butterfly Haven, is a lovely design, with lots of entrance slits and perches for the butterfly to land on and enter the safety of the box. It has two Perspex viewing panels for you to see what is going on inside.

Key Attributes

  • FSC timber.
  • Two clear viewing panels.
  • Slits and perches for the Butterfly to rest and enter the box.

Tip, to attract Butterflies to your garden, plant bright flowers, such as Marigolds in groups, rather than isolated plants. This will create a grater area of colour, and stronger scent to attract the butterflies and  keep them in your garden for longer.

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