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Big bee and bug biome

Big bee and bug biome Bees British Bird Food - UK wild bird food suppliers, bird seed and garden wildlife
Brand: Wildlife World
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 Wildlife habitat for learning about nature.

The big bee and bug biome is a multi-chambered, multi species insect habitat to provide shelter for the insects and study opportunities for us humans. There are many chambers within this biome.

MULTI INSECT DORMITORY. This solid timber construction allows solitary bees, lacewings, spiders and beetles to nest and hibernate.

PULL OUT INSPECTION TUBES. Three glazed insect inspection tubes, mounted on a simple pull out plug, allow close inspection of the live action. If used by solitary bees it is possible to view the development of the egg cells.

SOLITARY BEE AND MASON BEE AND LEAFCUTTER BEE HOLES  form an attractive swirl on the front of the biome and have a capacity of six egg cells each.

INSECT REFUGE HOLES. Many insects seek security from predators, place a pine cone in each of the holes for solitary bees, wood wasps and earwigs.

GLAZED INSPECTION WINDOW along the full length of the sides with swinging doors to allow access for filling with materials or inspection of occupants.

LITTER CRITTER ZONE. Fill this area with natural some damp soil and leaves to encourage Woodlice, Centipedes, Millipedes and Beetles, all of which love to crawl around in tight, damp places and munch on decaying plant material - lovely!

INSECT FEEDING TERRACE. With easy to remove and clean feeding cups, which can be filled with a nectar solution or ripe fruit to attract and view many types of live insects and butterflies.

The biome is constructed from solid FSC timber which provides excellent insulation for the sheltering and over-wintering insects and the many different textures and shapes involved in the biome are not only practical but aesthetically pleasing to the eye.




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