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Bumble Bee Nesting Box

Bumble Bee Nesting Box Bees British Bird Food - UK wild bird food suppliers, bird seed and garden wildlife
Brand: Wildlife World
Product Code: BBN4
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Bumble Bee Nesting boxes

Are very important to have around these days, as the bumble bee population is threatened then they need every help they can get. The bumble bee nester  is a very well constructed box made from durable thick (FSC) timber (Cedar / Larch / Alder). The roof overhangs and will keep rain off the walls, the roof also slides to allow inspection of the bees. Ventilation holes provide a good flow of air . The nester comes with some natural nesting material for the mammals or bees to use.

Bumble Bees are not agressive and do not pose a threat to us humans, however they will sting if they are in extreame danger. So if you leave them to their business and only look at them now and again, keeping a discrete distance and not interfering with them, they will be an asset to your garden and safe for all of the family.



190mm High

290mm Wide

175mm Deep

2Kgs weight

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