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Beepole Lodge with live Bees

Beepole Lodge with live Bees Bees British Bird Food - UK wild bird food suppliers, bird seed and garden wildlife
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A live colony of native Bumble Bees.

Now half price for Beepole Lodge with Bees!

Save £85 when you buy the Lodge and Bees together.

The Beepole Lodge is a live colony of native pollinating Bumble Bees (species: Bombus terrestris audax) for the garden, orchard, vegetable plot or education, interest or simply to help the declining number of bees.

The Beepole Lodge comes with a voucher for a colony of Bumble Bees with a Queen bee, which is delivered to you by special courier in a specially made carton which is designed to fit directly into the wooden lodge.

Bumble Bees are great pollinators and will work in all weather conditions to pollinate the plants and vegetables in your garden. Other Bees are not so hard working and this is why the Bumble Bees are the most popular of our native bees to be introduced to our gardens.

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