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Bee and Bug Biome

Bee and Bug Biome
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The Bee and Bug Biome is an attractive habitat in a gift pack box that provides a home for solitary bees, Ladybirds, Lacewings and other beneficial insects in your garden. Included is a FREE pack of wildflower seeds and a bee guide.

As with all Wildlife World products it is made from durable FSC timber from sustainable forests. This insect habitat will look good in any garden as well as providing an ideal learning platform for the young to learn about nature and what is going on in the garden. Beneficial insects are the type that eat Aphids and other pests that attack your plants and the solitary bees will help pollinate your flowers and  plants, so all round goodness comes from installing one of these in your garden. 


Choose a spot in the garden where the early morning sun catches the Biome and the insects will use the habitat for roosting and hibernation. The lower chamber comes filed with pine cones for the insects to use as a home, but if you want to change the material the dowel can be removed and straw or hay, leaves or bark can be used instead.


Plant the native flower seeds close to the habitat location and use the bee guide to identify the creatures that use the habitat.

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