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Schwegler House Martin nests

Schwegler House Martin nests Wild Bird Nest Boxes British Bird Food - UK wild bird food suppliers, bird seed and garden wildlife
Brand: Schwegler
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 Schwegler are the best nest boxes on the market, made from natural woodcrete they give excellent insulative values for the nesting birds and this encourages a high occupancy rate - the highest of all nest box manufacturers. All Schwegler boxes come with a 25 year warranty that is in addition to your usual rights. They are simple and effective.

The House Martin nests come in two forms, the single and the double, this design is used extensively throughout Europe and is easily fixed under the eaves of your house. Unlike natural nests it will not crack or fall down and will not be affected by traffic vibration.

House Martins are a sociable bird and will naturally want to use nests that are in pairs or more, these nests can be arranged in groups to form colonies.


Key attributes:-

  • The backing board is high quality exterior chipboard to prevent warping.
  • You can paint the backing board to match your building.
  • The nest can easily be removed for cleaning.
  • WoodcretePLUS, material means excellent insulation winter and summer.


110mm High

460mm Long

140mm deep

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