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Wren nest box - Schwegler

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Brand: Schwegler
Product Code: RNB
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Designed with Wrens and small birds in mind this Schwegler Round house nest box is made from WoodcretePLUS nest box is as tough as they come. Plus the main benefit of thermal consistency for the nesting birds, this is what makes the Schwegler range of nest boxes the best in the world, with the highest occupation rates of all nest boxes.

With declining numbers the beautiful Wren is in need of help to find suitable nesting spots. The Ivy Roundhouse nest box is ideal for placing near the ground, tucked away in the undergrowth or covered with ivy or sited higher up, beneath the shed roof or an ivy covered wall. With it's own cable for hanging, the Roundhouse is ready to go, just hang it up and wait for visitors.

WoodcretePlus is an incredibly tough and hard wearing material and has excellent insulative values for the nesting season and of course, during the winter when several Wrens may group together to use it as a roost.

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