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2H Robin Nest Box

2H Robin Nest Box Wild Bird Nest Boxes British Bird Food - UK wild bird food suppliers, bird seed and garden wildlife
Brand: Schwegler
Product Code: 2H
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The 2H Robin Nest Box

is an open fronted woodcrete nest box from Schwegler. 'Woodcrete' is a unique material made from 75% wood and the rest natural additives, this gives it superb air-permiability, keeping the occupants at a more even temperature. The result of this favourable environment inside the nest box is the highest occupancy rate of all nest boxes

Suitable for Robins and other small species such as Nut Hatch, Fly Catchers and Wagtails.

A very durable nest box with a 25 year guarantee suitable for wall mounting or securing in bushes and climbing plants.

Can be mounted in a shed/barn/outbuilding where there is free access at all times to encourage Robins to nest.

Made by the same manufacturer as our 1B Nest Box and our range of Bat Boxes, 1FF, 1FD, 2N and 2F




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