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1B Woodcrete nest box

1B Woodcrete nest box Wild Bird Nest Boxes British Bird Food - UK wild bird food suppliers, bird seed and garden wildlife
Brand: Schwegler
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The 1B nest box is the 'official' nest box of national nest box week. It is made by Schwegler and is absolutely the first choice for bird care professionals worldwide.

The 1B is warm and weatherproof during the winter, yet it is cool in the summer for the chicks.  This is due to the unique 'Woodcrete' material used, made from 75% wood and the rest made up from natural additives to allow superb air-permiability. The 1B has been shown to consistently deliver higher occupancy rates than any other nest box.

The 1B is designed for a lifetimes service and is backed up with a 25 year guarantee. This guarantee is exclusive to the Schwegler range and has not been matched by any other nest box manufacturer.

Key attributes:-
26mm hole- Blue tit size and below.
32mm hole - Great tit size and below.
Oval hole - Woodpecker size and below.

Please note - we only have the Brown colour box available.

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