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Help and Advice - Squirrel Proof Feeders

There are several types of Squirrel Proof feeders available, and at British Bird Food we stock a range to suit all situations, and prices. However, the prime importance in making a decision on which type of feeder to purchase is to ensure the feeder suites the environment in which you wish it to perform.

There are several factors to consider, that will affect the performance of your feeder, depending on what you want to achieve.

We have two Squirrel species in the UK, the Red Squirrel is mainly found in North England and Scotland, and is generally thought to be driven out by the predominant Grey. Red Squirrels are protected, and Greys are removed from the Reds territory as vermin. So it is possible if you have a Red squirrel, as a visitor, then you may want to keep it in your space.  This requires a separate feeder for the Squirrel.

Tree Squirrels do not hibernate (UK Grey and Red), they minimise activity, by retrieving the cache of food, they have buried in the land. They then cuddle up together in their drey for warmth, covering their body with their bushy tail. So there is quite different behaviour and activity, depending on the time of year. They have two litters of, 2 to 4 young per year, first in February, then in summer, at these times they are looking for food for young as well as themselves, this is the time when they are most active on bird feeders. If food is available, the Squirrels will show, not only their young, but also other Squirrels where to come for food.

Do you want to be rid of Squirrels from your garden?

Squirrels have teeth that constantly grow, and therefore they need to gnaw on wood, nuts, cables, or just about anything to maintain healthy teeth. This is the destructive part of Squirrel behaviour. It is entirely natural for a Squirrel to chew through your beams and cables in the attic, or garage. By feeding them, you encourage their presence, and thus need to protect your property from Squirrel ingress. They will build a drey close to the food source. If you feed them they become reliant on food from the feeder. If you stop feeding (holiday etc) they are likely to start feeding on your plants and vegetation, unlike birds, which just fly off to another feeder, they can cause a lot of damage in a week or two.


If you do not want Squirrels around, there are several Squirrel proof feeders to choose from, Squirrels will eat suet as well as seeds and nuts, so if you feed these foods, you need a cadged feeder for each food. The best solution is a NT 27, 2 in 1 seed and nut feeder and a NT 95 suet block holder. If you only feed seeds, then the Squirrel Buster is the answer. Eventually the Squirrels will get bored with not getting to the food, and move on to the next easy meal. We have many other designs of Squirrel proof feeders in stock, giving you a wide variety in choice of, size, shape and colour.