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  • Special Budgie Mix Sack

Special Budgie Mix


is a mixture of specially selected quality seeds designed as a complimentary feed for Budgerigars.


A blend of Yellow Millet, Canary seed and Red Millet, this blend will provide a healthy complimentary food for your Budgerigars, providing nutrition, oil, protein and a good source of carbohydrate.


Feeding and Care:-

  • Fresh food should be available at all times.
  • Clean drinking water should be changed twice a day.
  • Always ensure the food containers are away from the perch to avoid contamination.
  • Remove any old or wet food as soon as possible in order to avoid build up of bacteria, mould and toxins.
  • Clean the feeding stations and bowls with warm water and a mild disinfectant.
  • Wear gloves and wash hands after feeding and handling birds or food.
  • This seed mix is not for human consumption.
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables should be fed in conjuntion with this mix.





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Special Budgie Mix Sack

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