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Wild bird variety pack 18kg (6x3kg)

OFFER Wild bird variety pack 18kg (6x3kg) Wild Bird Seed Mixes British Bird Food - UK wild bird food suppliers, bird seed and garden wildlife
Reusable / Returnable
Product Code: Wild Bird VP
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18Kgs of high energy wild bird food - at low prices.


Plus free zone 1 delivery - what you see is what you pay!


Our wild bird variety pack is just right if you want to see what your birds prefer to eat, without buying large quantities of a single mix.

The variety pack enables significant savings on delivery costs and reduced retail prices, making it a great way to introduce someone to wild bird feeding at a sensible price. if you bought these packs individually they would amount to £106.63, so a masive saving for you to try out new mixes.

Our variety pack includes 3Kgs of each of the following foods.


Follow the link on the above items to see the detail page. You can feed all of our seasonal range throughout the year, so you can carry out your own trials to find which mix your birds prefer at any time, than you can stick with that mix, or just follow the seasons and feed according to the appropriate time of year. We believe wild birds enjoy a change in their diet now and again and the variety pack is designed to give you just that opportunity.

All of the foods in our variety pack may be fed via a tube feeder or from a table / ground feeder tray.


Our variety pack range:-

Suet block variety pack

Wild bird variety pack

Seed variety pack

Seed and suet variety pack

As with all our wild bird food products, you will receive your variety pack in re-usable / returnable polythene bags, just place the empty bags inside one of the bags, seal it and apply the label (bottom right of your invoice). send it through the post box and we will re-use the bags. This is far kinder to the environment than recycling and is unique to British Bird Food.



Reusable / Returnable Yes
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