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Squirrel Buster Peanut

Squirrel Buster Peanut Squirrel Proof Feeders British Bird Food - UK wild bird food suppliers, bird seed and garden wildlife
Squirrel Proof
Brand: Squirrel Buster
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Squirrel proof nut and suet pellet feeder 

Sorry we are out of stock, availablity should be during September 2021. 

The latest addition to the very popular Squirrel Buster feeder family. The Peanut is specifically designed to protect your peanuts for the birds to eat, and it does the same job for suet pellets as well, so banish the Squirrels to pastures new.  


Although a tried and tested design in the wild bird seed squirrel protection field, it has taken a while for Brome Bird Care to perfect the Squirrel Buster Peanut feeder. 

When a Squirrel jumps on to the feeder in any position, the spring loaded outer shroud lowers (about 25mm) and cover the opening to the peanut feeding area. Simple - but effective. The result is very predictable. The Squirrel will get bored trying to get to the food and look for it elsewhere. It will take a few attempts for the squirrel to get the message, but try as he might, he will not succeed - and that is guaranteed!

The Squirrel Buster range are all guaranteed for 24 months against damage by Squirrels, the Squirrel Buster Peanut has been designed specifically for peanut loving birds. The mesh size is optimised for feeding peanuts and holds a capacity of 750ml of peanuts. The unique base design offers plenty of space for the woodpecker family to use it as a stable perching area to balance against while feeding.

The adjustable spring tensioner can be fine tuned to exclude just Squirrels or larger birds like Pigeons.

Squirrel Proof Yes
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