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Ultimate High Energy Mix for wild birds

Ultimate High Energy Mix for wild birds Wild Bird Seed Mixes British Bird Food - UK wild bird food suppliers, bird seed and garden wildlife
No Grow Ground Tray Tube Feeder Reusable / Returnable
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Exclusive to British Bird Food.


The Ultimate High Energy Mix a connoisseur mix for all garden birds.

Ultimate mix is mixed and packed on the day of despatch, guaranteeing you the freshest bird food possible.


Plus free zone 1 delivery - what you see is what you pay!


Our own blend of all things nice for your wild birds, Suet pellets for maximum energy, Mealworms for protein and nutrients, mixed fruit for a balanced diet. This is truly an ultimate mix. We use the finest grade of mixed fruit and is free flowing enough to feed from a tube feeder for the Finches and Tit family.The mix also works well as a table or ground tray for those Blackbirds, Robins and Dunnocks.

Ultimate High Energy mix is a no grow mix - no germination at any time of year. All natural ingredients no chemicals - ever!

Suet pellets (GM free) can congeal if they get wet, so we would recommend use of a rain guard for your tube feeder to protect this ultimate mix. If feeding from a table or ground tray, only put enough food out for each day, to avoid waste.

We send your food mixes to you in re-usable plastic bags, they are easy pouring for your convenience when filling your feeder and you can send them back to us free post for us to re-use again. If we re-use 10,000 bags it is the equivalent of saving 1000 hours of a light bulb.

Suet Pellets
Dried Mealworms

If eaten, fruit can affect some dogs renal system. If you are in doubt you should consult your vet.

Free samples are restricted to one per order. If you would like a free sample of this mix, please ask in the comments column on the order form.

No Grow
Ground Tray Yes
Tube Feeder Yes
Reusable / Returnable Yes
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