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Autumn Mix - High Energy

Autumn Mix - High Energy Wild Bird Seed Mixes British Bird Food - UK wild bird food suppliers, bird seed and garden wildlife
Ground Tray Tube Feeder Reusable / Returnable Squirrel Proof
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Autumn mix is mixed and packed on the day of despatch, guaranteeing you the freshest bird food possible.

Your wild garden birds will recognise this autumn mix bird food as top quality food, and will come back to your feeder again and again. The mix will attract a wide range of species, and because we have selected top quality fruit, you can feed from a tube or table feeder, as Blackbird, Thrush, Robin, Siskin and Finches will all love this mix.
We have developed this high energy mix with a large suet content, to help the birds recover from the busy breeding season, and to help prepare for the winter, and of course help the new juveniles to get off to a good start.
Designed to leave no mess or growth under your feeder, this mix contains lots of Sunflower Hearts, fruit, and suet, all the natural high energy food wild birds are seeking to give a balanced diet, high in nutritional, calorific value, in readiness for the winter months, this mix can be fed throughout the winter, or you may like to try our Winter mix.



Dried fruits - Pet advice:
Take extra care not to allow dogs or cats to eat any products containing raisins
or sultanas as, even in small amounts, these dried fruits can cause serious renal
problems.  When feeding to other wildlife we recommend mixing rasins and sultanas
with seed mixes as a safety precaution.


Suggested feeding times for our seasonal mixes.


Spring / Summer mix - March through November - maintenance for feeding and training young chicks to eat.

Autumn mix - October through January - Recovery from the breeding season, preparation for Winter.

Winter mix - December through April - Maintenance for the Winter months.


Please note, free samples are restricted to one per order. If you would like a free sample of this mix, please ask in the comments column of the order form.

Ground Tray Yes
Tube Feeder Yes
Reusable / Returnable Yes
Squirrel Proof Yes
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