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Advanced High Energy Mix for wild birds

Advanced High Energy Mix for wild birds
No Grow Ground Tray Tube Feeder Reusable / Returnable
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Advanced High Energy - no grow mix.

Freed delivery to all zone 1 post codes.

Mixed freshly on the day of despatch - by hand!

One of the most asked questions of us is "what do you feed the birds?" - well the answer is this mix. We have been using it for years and we find it ticks all the boxes, low waste, zero germination, high energy, tube or ground feed and is very popular with young birds and fledglings.

It should be popular! it has all of the best ingredients. Sunflower Heart Chips, Dried Mealworms, Suet Pellets, Peanut Granules and if you like you can add some fruit, but that is your choice. Because we mix this by hand on the day of despatch a unique opportunity is available for us to react to each customers preference, we have found that some gardens like fruit and some don't equally some customers are conscious of the danger to pets and they don't allow any fruit into the garden, so the standard mix is without fruit, but if you would like us to add some Raisins to your mix, just let us know in the comments box.

Advanced High Energy mix is a no grow mix - no germination at any time of year. All natural ingredients no chemicals - ever!

All our mixes come to you in small re-useable polythene bags so you can store easily and they are easy pour to help fill your feeders without spillage. When you have finished with the polythene bags, just put them all inside one, seal it and post it back then we will re-use them again.


Note:- free samples are restricted to one per order. If you would like a free sample of this mix, please ask in the comments column the order form.

No Grow
Ground Tray Ground feeding birds love this mix
Tube Feeder This mix is perfect to feed in a tube feeder
Reusable / Returnable
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