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Peanuts for wild birds

Peanuts for wild birds Wild Bird Straight Seeds British Bird Food - UK bird food and mix shop
Mesh Feeder Reusable / Returnable Squirrel Proof
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Peanuts for birds - staple diet for wild birds.

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These nuts are bold and top quality, they are fine for feeding during the breeding season through a mesh feeder. Peanuts are going to be in short supply this year, so we recommend you stock up early on good quality nuts whilst they are available,  Our Peanuts are the best quality available and are going to be in short supply due to global weather conditions.

If you want grade 1 quality peanuts then take a look at our limited supply of premium peanuts

All our Peanuts come in small, ready to use bags, making it easy for you to move and store and you can return them to us free and we will re-use them, this helps the environment as well as keeping our prices low. Or you can order in bulk bags and take advantage of a lower price.


Peanuts are a key food for garden birds, and will attract many different species. In the breeding season, always feed from a mesh feeder. This prevents fledgling choking on large peanut pieces.
Woodpeckers, Jays, and other large birds, as well as finches, Tit family, Robins, Wrens and others all love peanuts. Our peanuts are guaranteed aflatoxin free, and will never be old, stale, or moldy. Just naturally good for your birds.

All our peanuts come to you in re-usable grip seal bags, which make it easier for you to handle and store. Send the bags back via our free post address, and we will re-use them for you. If we re-use 10,000 bags in a year, it will save as much energy as turning off 1,000 bulbs for one hour.

Please note, due to the seasonal variations dependent on country of origin, the peanuts may vary from those illustrated.



Mesh Feeder Yes
Reusable / Returnable Yes
Squirrel Proof Yes
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