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Mealworms for birds

Mealworms for birds Special foods British Bird Food - UK wild bird food suppliers, bird seed and garden wildlife
No Grow Ground Tray Reusable / Returnable
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Dried Mealworms - high in protein and vitamins


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Dried Mealworms are a natural source of protein and vitamins. They retain all the goodness of the live version, but without the wriggly, messy, side of things.

Many species of birds love Mealworms, Robins. The Tit family, Wren, Siskin, Dunnock. Mealworms can be fed from a table, or feeder, for best economical results, mix mealworms with your other seed mixes. If you feed from a ground feeder, only put enough food out for the day. This will help prevent the rodent activity at night.
Dried mealworms will keep for up to twelve months after purchase and can be rehydrated at any time by soaking in warm water.


Bird fact:-


Swallows, Swifts and House martins will feed on mealworms as well.

Please don't feed many dried mealworms to Hedgehogs, they are not good for their bones if fed regularly - just a few at a time is best.

No Grow
Ground Tray Yes
Reusable / Returnable Yes
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