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Plesae note we only have one of these left in stock.  The colour camera multi species nest b..
The 1B nest box is the 'official' nest box of national nest box week. It is made by Schwegler and is..
The 2H Robin Nest Box is an open fronted woodcrete nest box from Schwegler. 'Woodcrete' is a uniq..
The Avianex™ is like it sounds - an annex to your home for your garden birds, it can be regarded and..
This basic bird box is created from FSC timber, with a 32mm entrance hole it will attract many speci..
Blackbird Nest Box.    The Blackbird nest box is a unique FSC solid timber nester th..
 This duck house is designed to house a single pair of ornamental ducks and is based on a succe..
Even if your garden is well stocked with food, birds will still leave in the breeding season to find..
  House Martin nest box made from natural ceramic material and it comes complete with a pre-..
Made from solid FSC Cedar, the Wildlife World (accept no substitute - these are tested and built to ..
Robust construction with FSC Cedar, the Little Owl box is lightweight for easy installation and is d..
 This Gardman multi nest box is made from durable and sustainable wood, from FSC approved fores..
The copper nest box hole protector does - just that! it will protect the entrance hole to a nest box..
 Wild bird nest box. The New England small bird nest boxes are beautifully finished in ..
This Robin nest box  is made from sustainable timber from FSC managed forests. The box is suita..
Schwegler are the best nest boxes on the market, made from natural woodcrete they give excellent i..