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Tom Chambers Seed feeder 2 port. All plastic, a nice feeder for someone to start with. It has a f..
Tom Chambers select bird feeding station. The select bird feed station is all you need to get you h..
Wild bird food Shenstone Theatre bird bath and drinker NEW
Wildlife World Shenstone Theatre bird bath and drinker. The Shenstone Theatre Bird bath and drink..
Sparrow Terrace - Schwegler - British Bird Food NEW
Sparrow Terrace from Schwegler. Numbers of house sparrows in the UK have been tumbling: our popul..
Squirrel proof bird seed feeder. A great value bird feeder for your garden, this feeder is for se..
Squirrel proof ground feeder haven NEW
Squirrel proof ground feeder haven. This product just does as it says! it is a durable addition t..
Suet to Go suet log feeder. Made from 55% recycled wood chip and 45% recycled plastic, the Log ..
Suet to Go suet logs. Suet to Go suet logs are a premium suet product, designed to fit into the hol..
Tom Chambers suet pellet feeder. This hammered steel suet pellet feeder mad e by Tom Chambers is ..
Sunflower Hearts - High Energy for all garden birds. From £1.90kg Plus free zone 1 delivery - wha..
Superior suet Insect and Mealworm cakes These suet cakes come to us from our long term supplier o..
Superior Suet Sunflower and Peanut suet cakes - from Henry Bell Superior Suet Sunflower and Peanu..
Tom Chambers everyday Suet ball feeder. The every day suet ball feeder from Tom Chambers is a gre..
Tom Chambers flick and click Mealworm feeder The flick and click value mealworm feeder from Tom C..
Tom Chambers flick and click Suet ball feeder. This suet ball feeder from Tom Chambers is a great..
bird bath stand for wild birds NEW
Universal bird bath stand for wild birds. The 'vine leaf' universal bird bath stand has adjustabl..