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Mr Johnson's Supreme Guinea Pig Food

Mr Johnson's Supreme Guinea Pig Food
Brand: Mr Johnson's
Product Code: MJSGP15
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 Mr Johnson's Supreme Guinea Pig mix


is a fibrous, nutritious and wholesome blend of steam flaked peas, cereals, grass, alfalfa, pellets and extrusions. Giving your Guinea Pig a healthy, tasty food in a variety of textures, this encourages their natural foraging instinct. A well balanced diet is essential for your Guinea Pig.

Mr Johnson's Supreme Guinea Pig mix is a complimentary food, which should be fed alongside an unlimited amount of fresh Hay. Hay is another source of fibre and a key part of your Guinea Pigs' diet. A small amount of fresh greens and clean fresh water should also always be available.


See the additional information tab about selective feeding and changing your Guinea Pigs' diet.

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