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Argo Layers Pellets

Argo Layers Pellets
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 Argo Layers Pellets


are top quality poultry food, they are totally drug free, no artificial yolk pigmentors or growth promoters are used, this provides your poultry with a diet that enhances your bird's health as well as producing eggs have a strong natural yolk colour.


Layers pellets are to be fed from the point of lay (around 18 to 20 weeks) on an ab-lib basis, the birds will find their own daily requirement and unlike other pets, they will  not over feed themselves, so you can use a large feeder and fill it for a few days at a time. All poultry keepers have different situations, but your hens will all like the same things, a freedom to roam around and scrat at the soil and grass, feeding on worms, insects grass and vegetables as they go. It is amazing how a few hens will devastate a flower bed or destroy a veg patch in a matter of hours - so it is advisable to keep them in a pen of some sort and move the pen around your lawn on a daily basis. If your garden is big enough then you can give them a little more freedom.


Hens will always want to find a quite cool place to lay their eggs, so if you train them early, to return to the pen in a layers box, you will always know where to find your eggs, however a great deal of time (and fun) can be spent trying to locate said eggs if they are left to their own devices. The best way to train hens is to keep them locked in the pen for a couple of weeks to enable them to get used to where to go to bed (roost) each night is, after a while they will return to the same place each night and they can be let out in the day. It is important to put them in each night, not only so they rest and lay eggs, but also to protect them from the fox - even in urban areas.


Argo are one of the top brands of farm foods for both commercial and domestic animals and birds.

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