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Three way feeder station (no box)

Three way feeder station Pole Systems and Hooks British Bird Food - UK wild bird food suppliers, bird seed and garden wildlife
Brand: Jacobi Jayne & Company
Product Code: TWF
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This product used to come in a presentation box, but the manufacturer has discontinued that, we think it is such a good product that we will make up the parts from our stock. You still save money - but no box - sorry!

The three way feeding station consists of a green garden pole pole (25mm dia x 1700mm) with two wraparound hooks 8" and 16" plus a threaded insert for the top feeder to mount onto. (fits all Droll Yankee, Ring Pull, New Generation and Onyx feeders).

You can add wrap around hooks to suit you needs, a bird bath, or mealworm feeder, or further hanging feeders. The three way feeding station is a great way to start off your bird feeding station and allows you to add to it as you wish.

You can also buy an extension pole if you wish to increase the height of your feeders.

The pole has a spike for directly driving into the ground or there is the ground socket to allow the pole to be easily removed for mowing etc.


Please note, the feeders and squirrel dome shown in the image are not included, these are for illustration purposes only.

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