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Complete feeding station kit

Complete feeding station kit
Brand: Gardman
Product Code: A04391
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Gardman complete feeding station kit.

Everything you need to get started or to add another feeding station to your garden.

This feeding station has all of the equipment you need to attract a wide variety of birds into your garden.

There are two seed feeders, one peanut feeder, one suet block feeder, one micro mesh feeder, one bird bath and an extra hook for hanging extra treats on.

So with the tow seed feeders, you might want one to have a mixed seed for all types of birds, while feeding Sunflower Hearts from the second feeder to attract Finches, Tits and other colourful birds that prefer the high oil content of the Sunflower Hearts.

On the micro mesh dish you could put some Blackbird and Thrush food and see if the songbirds come, you Wil certainly attract Robins, Dunnocks and Chaffinches.

The peanuts and suet block will be enjoyed by all, but if you are lucky you might get a Woodpecker or Nuthatch.

Water is essential to all feeding stations and the water dish should be replenished each day and kept full if possible.

This particular feeding station is recommended by the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO).

Key attributes:-
Overall height is 226cm (7' 5")
Height above ground 185cm (6'1")
Width 58cm (1' 11")
Support pole Diameter 2.5cm (1")
Easy to assemble with screw together poles.
See our help and advice pages for positioning of the feeding station.
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