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Tilt 'n' Spin Squirrel repeller

Tilt 'n' Spin Squirrel repeller
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Squirrel repeller.


Prevent squirrels from stealing your bird food with this Tilt 'n' Spin Squirrel repeller.

Think of it more as a training device, it will train the Squirrels that if they jump on to your feeder they will be sent spinning! no harm comes to the squirrel and they soon learn what will happen if they do get on to your wild bird feeders, so they simply get bored with failure and go and find food elsewhere.

Tilt 'n; Spin detects the movement of a squirrel on the feeder and activates the battery powered motor for 10 seconds and off they go. The unit is specially designed for squirrel detection and won't operate when birds are feeding even if there are several on the feeder at once.

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